Preventive Maintenance


FIRST CAPTAINS is now offering various levels of “PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICE PLANS” for the upcoming season. Several levels of service are offered. Out of all the coverages, the “GOLD + BRONZE (G&B) PROGRAM” is the most extensive in all that it covers. This is a one-time payment, with two maintenance/service visits over the course of the boating season. Consider ALL the COVERAGE! PARTS AND LABOR for the service item is INCLUDED!


Who cleans the return air register and cleans the "A" coil vanes on their air conditioner? FIRST CAPTAINS DOES!

Who sanitizes their water tanks midway through the season to rid them of bacteria and kill the egg smells? WELL, FIRST CAPTAINS DOES!

Who cleans out the sea strainer baskets? FIRST CAPTAINS DOES!

Who checks for water in the batteries? FIRST CAPTAINS DOES THIS...

It even covers... your OIL & FILTER CHANGES, FUEL FILTERS, and service maintenance to your GENERATOR. Service to your HEAD, BILGE, 110 / 12 VOLT SYSTEM and much more.

An ounce of prevention...

oil filter
For the less traveled boater there is the “GOLD, (G) PLAN” which is a one-time visit and covers all that the (G&B) PROGRAM has to offer except without the first visit in the beginning of the season. If you’re not in a large boat and have limited time, then you may consider the basic “BRONZE (B) PLAN” or the “SILVER (S) PLAN” which it covers a lot and gives you the “PEACE OF MIND”, which we all want under all the programs. That is what you’ll get under all these programs. They are designed to inspect, maintain and service specific items on your boat to help maintain a level of service that may prevent a breakdown or repair. FIRST CAPTAINS invites you to a maintenance program that fits your boat and your maintenance habits. It all about “PEACE OF MIND” boating. As a weekend boater, all of my time is out and away from the dock. Out rafting off with friends, going to different ports of call. Let FIRST CAPTAINS give that “PEACE OF MIND”. Sign-up for a “PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM” this season and let us MINIMIZE YOU SERVICE EXPENSE to MAXIMIZE YOUR FUN! Please call us if you have any questions (410-808-2137) or use the form below. Thank You.  

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